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franchised 的意思、解釋及翻譯:1. past simple and past participle of franchise 2. to give or sell a franchise to someone。了解更多。。內容來源於:FRANCHISED在劍橋英語詞典中的解釋及翻譯

franchise · n. 公民權,選舉權[the S];【美】(政府給予個人、公司或社團經營某種事業的)特權;(製造廠商授予聯營店者的)經銷權(或公司名稱使用權等)[C] · vt. 【美】 ...。精選蒐集於:franchised - Yahoo奇摩字典搜尋結果

fran•chise · a. the right or license granted by a company to an individual or group to market its products or services in a specific territory. · b. the right to ...。蒐集資料於:definition of franchised by The Free Dictionary

A franchise usually lasts for a fixed time period (broken down into shorter periods, which each require renewal), and serves a specific territory or ...。內容來源於:Franchising - Wikipedia

A franchise (or franchising) is a method of distributing products or services involving a franchisor, who establishes the brand's trademark or trade name ...。精選蒐集於:What is a Franchise?

大量翻译例句关于"is franchised to" – 英中词典以及8百万条中文译文例句搜索。。內容出自:is franchised to - 英中– Linguee词典

A franchise is a joint venture between a franchisor and a franchisee. The franchisor is the original business. It sells the right to use its name and idea. The ...。蒐集資料於:Franchise Definition - Investopedia

Franchise \Fran"chise\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Franchised}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Franchising}.] [Cf. OF. franchir to free, F., to cross.]。整理資料來源於:franchised 的中文翻譯| 英漢字典

franchised 中文:adj. 特許經營的;經授權的…,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋franchised的中文翻譯,franchised的發音,音標,用法和例句等。。蒐集資料於:franchised中文 - 查查綫上辭典

The European Research Magazine of Business Administration and Economics published the research paper “Franchised units versus owned units in the franchise ...。內容出自:Analysis of efficiency of own and franchised units in ... - Elsevier

That fast food business have expanded through the sale of franchise. 該快餐店通過出售特許經銷權而擴大了生意。 In Britain, women were given the franchise in ...。內容來源於:franchised在線翻譯 - 海词词典

franchised ; franchising. Definition of franchise (Entry 2 of 2). transitive verb. 1 : to grant a franchise to. 2 archaic : free.。摘錄內容來自於:Definition of franchise - Merriam-Webster

Franchising is a form of marketing and distribution in which the owner of a business system (the franchisor) grants to an individual or group of individuals ( ...。內容節錄自:What is Franchising? Definition and Meaning

An enduring challenge for franchise management involves the reconciliation of (1) the franchisor's desire for standardization, consistency, and control for ...。精選蒐集於:The challenge of autonomy and dependence in franchised ...

The franchisee pays an initial franchise fee to the franchisor for the rights to use their brand in addition to ongoing franchise fees for marketing, royalties, ...。精選整理於:Advantages and Disadvantages of Franchising - NerdWallet

Find the right franchise opportunity for you through featured franchise stories, informative articles, freshly updated news, comprehensive guides, ...。整理資料於 Your Complete Guide to Buying a Franchise ...

Effective October 1, 2012, the Franchises Act and the Franchises Regulation will come into force requiring franchisors to provide prospective franchisees ...。節錄內容於:Guide to Laws and Regulations for Franchised Business

Find out what franchising is, the process to become a franchisor or start a business as a franchisee, the Franchising Code of Conduct and your legal and tax ...。摘錄內容來自於:Franchising |

That's just one of many surprising statistics from the Franchising New Zealand Survey 2017. Next survey results are due out in late 2021. Survey ...。摘錄內容來自於:2017 survey confirms NZ is the most franchised country in the ...

We call this the Brand Promise. Great franchisors want to ensure that their customers are satisfied each and every time they shop at a franchised location, and ...。內容節錄自:The Power of a Franchised Brand - MSA Worldwide

With over 6,800 locations globally and growing, we are always looking for new franchisees to join our family. Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy's ® restaurant ...。內容節錄自:Franchising | Wendy's®

Franchising at McDonald's. The Golden Opportunity. Join the most recognized franchise business in the world. Through world-class training, service and a ...。內容出自:Franchising at McDonald's | McDonald's Canada

*Average 2020 Gross Sales of 385 full-size franchised Bojangles restaurants. See Item 19 of our April 16, 2021 FDD..。精選整理於:Franchising | Bojangles

Key Takeaways. Key Points. A business format franchise is a franchising arrangement where the franchisor provides the franchisee with an established ...。內容來源於:Franchising | Boundless Business - Lumen Learning

Global franchising opportunities - Run a Helen Doron ‎Learning Centre and join our success teaching ‎English ‎to children ages 3 months to 19 years.‎。摘錄內容來自於:Franchising | - Helen Doron English

You want someone who has experience with franchising.” 2. How strong is your company's financial performance? As a franchisor, you will be asking other ...。內容來源於:Are you ready to franchise your business? |

Franchised dealers operate under agreements with manufacturers or distributors to sell new vehicles. A franchise dealer license is issued to a specific ...。內容節錄自:Franchise License |

... solid waste within our service region must hold a valid and current franchise. The following is the current list of permitted franchised haulers.。資料來源於:Franchise Hauler Listing - Sacramento Regional Solid Waste ...

To become a SAG-AFTRA franchised talent agency, please download the application below. Complete all documents and return to SAG-AFTRA by email or by regular ...。內容節錄自:Become a Franchised Agent | SAG-AFTRA

Find 23 ways to say FRANCHISED, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.。內容來源於:23 Synonyms & Antonyms for FRANCHISED |

Learn about franchising, how to franchise your business, and how to prepare to sell franchises. Call The Internicola Law Firm, P.C. today at (718) 977-8688.。整理資料來源於:The Ultimate Guide to Franchising Your Business - Internicola ...

Abstract: Franchising as a legal or marketing concept was not new. It arose as a structured business system in the US, around 1860´s when The Singer Company ...。整理資料來源於:Evolution in Franchising: Trends and New Perspectives


that the powerful franchisors will reacquire the best franchised outlets relegating only the ... ownership by the franchisor, 193 franchises were not re-.。整理資料來源於:Ownership Redirection in Franchised Channels - jstor

During 1993 a network of franchised dealers is being set up. · Experience of working in a parts sales area of a franchised vehicle dealership would be ...。整理資料於:Franchised Meaning | Best 1 Definitions of ... - YourDictionary

Independent Review Committee on Hong Kong's Franchised Bus Service - Notices and Press Releases.。精選蒐集於:Independent Review Committee on Hong Kong's Franchised ...

Franchising with Inspire. As a multi-brand restaurant company, Inspire offers franchisees access to a diverse portfolio of brands.。整理資料於:Franchising - Inspire Brands

OBJECTIVE: · Franchising Potentials · Advantages of Franchising · Disadvantages of Franchising · Prove Profitability First in Company-Operated Stores · Importance of ...。節錄內容於:Session 10: Franchising Your Business - Santa Clara University

While the relevant franchise agreement specified that the franchisee was an independent contractor, the agreement did give the franchisor some control over the ...。整理資料來源於:Franchisors Liable for Criminal Acts at Franchised Stores

Strong business relationships between franchisors and franchisees are core to franchised operations. Anderson Economic Group's research and consulting ...。資料來源於:Industry Expertise Franchised Businesses - Anderson ...

We're the franchising go-to law firm. We create master franchise arrangements, negotiate initial and renewed franchise agreements and structure diversified.。內容節錄自:Franchising Law Firm | Lawyers and Attorneys | Fasken

Astute Electronics, authorised technical partners and franchised sellers for leading electronics manufacturers.。精選蒐集於:Franchised Partners - Electronics Components Manufacturers

Information about workplace laws for franchises in Australia, including advice and resources for franchisors and franchisees.。節錄內容於:Franchises | Fair Work Ombudsman

area of the world to another through franchised businesses. ... Franchising is a wonderful way to go into business for yourself, but not by yourself.。摘錄內容來自於:An Introduction to Franchising

Franchised Business" or "Restaurant") at one location only, such location to be ... in the development agreement between Franchisor and Franchisee, dated。蒐集資料於:Franchised Unit Definition | Law Insider

To ensure successful franchisees and maintain quality control, the franchisor will need to develop a state-of-the-art operations manual for its ...。整理資料來源於:Learn How to Franchise a Business | iFranchise Group

Along with the right to use the business model the franchisor will license to the franchisee the intellectual property rights and know-how associated with that.。整理資料來源於:MODULE 13. IP Issues in Franchising - WIPO

Franchising is an arrangement where franchisor (one party) grants or licenses some rights and authorities to franchisee (another party).。蒐集資料於:Franchising Meaning, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages

N-COUNT特許經營權;專賣權;經銷權. A franchise is an authority that is given by an organization to someone, allowing them to sell its goods or services or to ...。節錄內容於:franchised的中文翻譯和情景例句 - 留声词典

The franchisor grants licenses for franchisees to operate their own businesses. Franchisee: A business owner who pays a fee to a franchisor to ...。內容出自:Franchising a Restaurant, Explained - Eater

In franchised quantum money, every user gets a unique secret verification key, and the scheme is secure against counterfeiting and sabotage, a ...。內容出自:[2110.09733] Franchised Quantum Money - arXiv

For too long the franchised industry has been hiding in the shadows and forgotten as an option for career changers. ​. Yet franchising offers solutions to ...。摘錄內容來自於:The Franchised

Australia has more franchising outlets per capita than any other country except New Zealand, but close to 90% of franchises are Australian- ...。整理資料來源於:Australia - Franchising - International Trade Administration

Our franchising solicitors have acted for franchises for over 20 years and understand the issues faced by franchisors, franchisees and multi-franchise ...。精選蒐集於:Franchising solicitors • Lawyers for franchisees | Weightmans

A franchised model (most notably in place in London), is where the authority specifies the bus services to be provided, determining the routes, ...。摘錄內容來自於:Franchising: The bus model for a post-Covid world?

Many companies often ask our experts at Cass Waste Expense Management what are the differences of having locations located within franchised ...。節錄內容於:What is the difference between Franchised vs. Open Market ...

Franchisee Community. A major advantage of starting a franchised business is the support that comes from the community of franchisees. These are ...。節錄內容於:What's The Difference Between Running An Independent ...

The last decade has seen a continued shift in hotel ownership. In 2010, roughly 70% of branded hotels were franchised operations. By 2019, that ...。整理資料來源於:Why More Hotels Are Owned by Franchisees

Unlike chains, franchised restaurants have greater flexibility in how they staff their stores and engage with their communities. Usually, a ...。摘錄內容來自於:What Does It Mean for a Restaurant To Be Franchised?

The franchising sector is clearly doing something right. Even in a weak retail sales environment, franchise experts tip growth in franchise ...。內容來源於:Is Australia too franchised? - Sydney Morning Herald

Home; Statistics; Finance; Rail industry finance (UK); Table 7226 – Franchised passenger train operator finances over five years by franchise. Compendia.。整理資料於:Table 7226 – Franchised passenger train operator finances ...

From Wikipedia: Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model. For the franchisor, the franchise is an ...。整理資料來源於:Franchised store, Franchise store | WordReference Forums

You will also be a fee collector, extracting an initial fee for the franchisee to begin business and then collecting royalties for the life of ...。摘錄內容來自於:Can Your Business Be Franchised? - Entrepreneur

Franchise opportunities. At Chick-fil-A, we believe our success in a community is directly tied to the caliber of each Franchised Operator. It's the Operators ...。內容來源於:Franchising and Licensing | Chick-fil-A

Implementing Change in Franchised Restaurant Systems ... change how your franchisees operate THEIR restaurants, that is a horse of a different colour.。摘錄內容來自於:Implementing Change in Franchised Restaurant Systems

Franchisors must provide the same to prospective franchisees who are acquiring the business from an existing franchisee at least 14 days before the franchisor ...。精選蒐集於:Franchising Code | ACCC

As the Franchisor you must accept that a successful network cannot exist simply by you selling franchises and expecting the franchisees to ...。精選整理於:Can any business be franchised? - Owen White Solicitors

Franchised Food Company has flourished under the guidance of its founder, South African born entrepreneur Stan Gordon. With the help of his team, ...。內容出自:Franchised Food Company | LinkedIn

Doing franchises right is where Salsarita's CEO and owner, Phil Friedman, excels. Recognized by Fast Casual Magazine as “One of the Top 5 Fast-Casual ...。內容來源於:Salsarita's Franchising - Why Franchisees Are Choosing ...

But what about the prospective franchisee? When talking to potential franchisees, a lawyer may hear: "Well, I am told the franchise agreement is ...。精選蒐集於:Representing Prospective Franchisees: Specialized Expertise ...

The franchise fee may be an upfront payment by the franchisee to the franchisor, an ongoing fee (e.g. an agreed percentage of revenue or profit) ...。內容來源於:What is a franchise and how does it work?

Franchised outlets: An empirical study at the chain level. Didier Chabaud1. THEMA – University of Cergy Pontoise. METIS – Normandy Business School.。內容節錄自:Incentives and control in company-owned vs. Franchised outlets

The first full U.S. Census Bureau report on franchising has found that franchise businesses accounted for 10.5 percent of all businesses ...。摘錄內容來自於:Census Finds 10 Percent of Businesses Are Franchised

Request PDF | Ownership Redirection in Franchised Channels | Oxenfeldt and Kelly's provocative ownership redirection thesis-the premise that there may be A ...。精選蒐集於:Ownership Redirection in Franchised Channels | Request PDF

How resale prices in franchising are determined is of particular interest to franchisors and franchisees, as well as researchers, due to their links with ...。內容出自:Resale pricing in franchised stores: A franchisor perspective

Our brands are seeking new franchisees to share in our pursuit of happiness and to expand some of the most beloved restaurant franchise brands in the world. Our ...。精選蒐集於:Franchising - Focus Brands LLC

The franchisor licenses the use of the trade-mark and business model to the franchisee, usually in exchange for an upfront payment and ongoing royalty ...。內容出自:What is the difference between a franchisor and a franchisee?

Agency theory research on franchising, to date, has posited linear effects of franchisor characteristics on the distribution of company-owned and franchised ...。蒐集資料於:Explaining the Distribution of Franchised and Company ...

Capital. The franchisor's capital requirements will be lower because the franchisees provide the capital to open each franchised outlet.。摘錄內容來自於:The Benefits of Franchising - Francity

A franchisor is a person or company that grants the licence to a third party for the conducting of business under their brand name. The ...。蒐集資料於:Franchising 101: What is a Franchisor?

when the franchisee takes possession and control of the franchised business. Application. Applies to franchise agreements entered into, extended ...。精選整理於:New changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct - Hall ...

Franchising Opportunities. Phillips 66 TA Express Franchise building. A Message from our CEO. At TravelCenters of America, more than 6,000 fleets ...。整理資料於:Franchising | TravelCenters of America

Franchisees may also worry about “encroachment. ... As a result, franchised locations tend to perform better than company-owned stores.。節錄內容於:Franchise vs Corporate: 6 Things You Need to Know - RE - by ...

Franchised Business Opportunities ... and knowledge in operations, marketing, training, product development, franchising, and bucket loads of passion.。內容出自:Become a Soul Origin Franchise Partner

We are always on the lookout for new franchisees! If you have a passion for hospitality, a strong business acumen, the financial resources and a love for ...。資料來源於:Franchising - White Spot

So what exactly is franchising? A franchise is an agreement between the franchisor (the grantor of the franchise) and its franchisees (those who acquire a ...。內容出自:Franchising - SEDA

Are you considering opening your own business? Learn the basics of franchising, including terms, definitions, and history.。內容來源於:The Basics of Franchising - The Balance Small Business



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It is this magnitude of investment that we , as franchisor , have at stake in leasing our facilities to franchisees ; and on which we are obligated to ...

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Now , I do not think the industry , the franchised industry itself , is without , let us say , fault , because some of them have indulged in some practices ...

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Ownershipping is thus an essential concept for understanding states as franchised and capturing sovereignty as a template for peacebuilding activities and ...

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200 reached $16.7 billion, or 12.2 percent of the $136.5 billion sales revenue of the largest 100 restaurant chains in the U.S. Many of these franchisees ...

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tion , excise , gross receipts , income , property or other taxes , whether levied upon Franchisee , Franchisee ' s property or upon Franchisor ...

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EnglishEdit. VerbEdit. franchised. simple past tense and past participle of franchise. Derived termsEdit · non-franchised, nonfranchised. AnagramsEdit.